Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ready Set Inflate, try two

Help Set a World Record on Saturday, May 21st, 2011
What better way to kick off National Safe Boating week (May 21-27, 2011) than to set a world record, while promoting the use of U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets at the same time?
Participants from around the globe will be gathering to heighten awareness of inflatable life jackets. This year, the National Safe Boating Council and Canadian Safe Boating Council will tally not only the number of participants who inflate their inflatable life jackets during the event, but also those who wear an inherently buoyant life jacket. This way children of all ages can participate and well as paddle crafters who generally do not use inflatables.
If your area is still COLD on May 21st you can still participate. Just don't jump in the water.
To be part of this "World Record Breaking Event Attempt" and break last year’s record of 1,154 participants, register your event at
Those registered will find information on:
a.. The possibility of free replacement cylinders (while supplies last)
b.. The offer for highly discounted replacement cylinders (coupons on website)
c.. Use the Ready Set Inflate website for all its resources, including rosters for the day of the event, 2011 media kits, Public Service Announcements , Press Releases, Video clips on how to inflate, deflate, change the cylinders, and repack, an event checklist and guideline for planning your event (Pre, Day of, and Post event).
a.. Education for those involved in how to properly inspect, re-arm, and repack an inflatable Life Jacket that has been deployed.
b.. This could become an annual training event for Auxiliarist’s to learn about the inner workings of an inflatable Life Jacket so they become comfortable with its operation and therefore more confident when speaking to the public about them.
c.. Order free resources to hand out at your event from
d.. Suggestions on making your event fun! A recommendation: See how many people can keep their eyes open when they pull the cord. Make sure there are lots of cameras to catch their facial expressions, before, DURING, and after the inflation. Don’t only take group shots, but some close ups. Take some video of the inflations. Have a contest for the best facial expression captured! If you can involve the Gold Side in your events.
For additional information and answers to questions contact 2011 USCG Auxiliary/Cabelas National Ready-Set-Inflate Event Coordinator, Michael S. Klacik, at or 908-240-3645.

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