Monday, May 7, 2012

Coast Guard Auxiliary Association to accept donations of cars and boats

May 7, 2012
Contact: Tom Nunes
Tel: 602-617-1979


News Release 

Coast Guard Auxiliary Association to accept donations of cars and boats

ST. LOUIS –The Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc. (CGAUXA), teaming with v-Dac of Port Richmond, Calif., has established a fully managed turnkey program to raise funds.  The v-Dac program allows Auxiliary members and friends to donate automobiles, truck, boats, and aircraft to CGAUXA. 

Donors receive efficient service with funds going to CGAUXA. Advantages include:

  • Ability to donate any vehicle, anywhere in America, running or not.
  • Free, easy, quick, secure alternative to selling or trading-in.
  • Potential tax benefits
  • Use the Internet or phone
  • Free, easy, quick, secure way to help CGAUXA

Benefits to CGAUXA:

  • No liability, costs, staff time, contract or risks
  • Proven high payout
  • 100% of proceeds delivered with no fund raising costs
  • Detailed reports of sales, costs, donor information and marketing resources

You can donate online CGAUXACarDonation or call 877-999-8322 to make your donation. 

v-Dac has been providing Vehicle Donation Services to non profits and donors since 2003. From its origins creating and running the Vehicle Donation Program for the JD Power's affiliated, v-Dac has sought to provide the highest return to charities while providing donors with an easy, trustworthy vehicle donation experience.

The Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc., is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in the District of Columbia  providing financial and other support to the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and its volunteers. The Association provides funds for the national Auxiliary programs, facilitates national training, produces educational and outreach materials for the recreational boating safety and other public outreach efforts.  


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